What growth phase are you currently in?

Everyone wants to grow with his or her organisation. Whether you are just starting out, already busy or ready to hand over the baton: in every phase you are confronted with new challenges and issues. To give you a better idea of ​​these different phases, we have worked out the growth phases. What growth phase are you currently in?

The start-up phase
In this phase you are especially busy with your brand identity. Who is my target group? How do I stay ahead of my competitors? And how do I use of my network for this? These are logical questions in this phase. Things can be rather chaotic and it can be quite a search how to lead your organisation. It is not uncommon to wonder how to properly run your administration. In this phase you do not have as many employees, but you may already have the question whether to hire someone or not.

The turbulence phase
You are ready for the next step and you can hire an extra employee. Maybe even more than one. This way you will move into the next phase, namely the turbulence phase. Your brand stands and now the main objective is making profits. You and your employees seize all the opportunities that pass by with both hands. Everyone is motivated and everyone has the confidence that you can handle it. The question of how to keep a balance between income and expenditure is now much more relevant. You also wonder what your role is within the company.

The sharpening phase
Your finances are in order and your company continues to grow in terms of employees. Where in the previous phase the focus was on seizing opportunities, now it is all about improving. Because you know your own role better within the company, you can delegate tasks. But to whom? And how do you do that? The choice to put together a management team must also be made. Who are suitable? This is also the point where old and new employees can collide. How do you keep both “groups” happy and motivated? How do you maintain a well-oiled machine?

The next-level phase
You managed to motivate both your old and new employees and they are both happy within organisation. The management team is also standing and you have delegated tasks to them. What is the challenge now? Making the decision-making process independent and releasing small groups or individuals. This differs from the previous three phases, in which central decision-making provided clarity and speed. How are decisions being made now? How do we find the right professionals for specific roles? And how do we prevent major differences in salaries?

The everything-runs-smoothly phase
Everything is taken care of. This is the phase where you want to be. Everything runs smoothly. And most importantly: your business is still growing. Innovative, growing and profitable. But how do you stay in this phase? It is still hard work, but the company is structured. How can both management and your employees develop further? And how do you keep the focus on your vision?

What growth phase are you currently in? Want to take the next step? Read about it in this blog.