Entrepreneur versus manager: the art of letting go

Are you an entrepreneur and does your business grow? Then there is a good chance that tasks of a manager will creep in at a given moment. But what is the difference between the two? And what influence does your role have on your company? Read about it on our blog ‘Entrepreneur versus manager: the art of letting go’.

You as an entrepreneur
In the first phase you are an entrepreneur. You put your company on the map, you focus on development and innovation and your mainly involved externally. You are creative, resourceful and you have guts. Are you outgrowing this phase? Then there are questions such as to whom you can delegate tasks, who is suitable for management and how you can keep your organisation running like well-oiled machine?

You as a manager
In a later phase quickly assume a role as a manager. Your organisation has grown so much that someone has to keep an eye on whether everything is running smoothly. Therefore you are more focused on structure and internal organisation. You divide tasks, plan and you also ensure that the deadlines are met.

You are and remain an entrepreneur
Of course, you are and remain an entrepreneur. Therefore, chances are that after a while you are not really happy with the role that you play. You do not really want to be a manager, even though your company is growing. It is time to hire someone who can take on the task of structural guru. You can not keep doing it alone. Your company has become too big to solve everything yourself. And you have to learn to let go.

Let it go
The search for someone who can take over part of your duties is not easy. Good cooperation is important, just like trusting each other. You must be open to each other’s visions and ideas. Together you have to take the company to the next level. This can be especially difficult for the entrepreneur. You have built your own company from scratch and now it is time to hand this part over. At least, the tasks that you as an entrepreneur can no longer perform. But do not forget: letting go of something is different than dropping something.

A step back
Having a helicopter view is important now. Keep an overview of the team you put together, consisting of people who are better than you. They continue to develop, perform their duties, enjoy what they do and, above all, help the company grow. So let go. And that is not only good for the developments of today, but also for the future. Just imagine. You want to sell your company, but you are the spider in the web. The buyer then knows that the results will decrease as soon as you withdraw from the company. That makes your company a lot less attractive for sale.

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