5 tips for a scalable enterprise

What does the future hold? As an entrepreneur, that is something you can not control. You can, however, make sure your company is scalable. You are prepared for both growth and decline. How do you achieve that? Read about our 5 tips for a scalable enterprise.

1. Think 5 years ahead
At some point you started as an entrepreneur with a certain goal in mind. Perhaps this goal has been achieved faster than expected or maybe you will achieve it soon. Then adjust these goals. Look five years ahead. Where do you want to be? And what goals do you want to have achieved? By looking ahead, you focus on growth. Because, above everything you do, you are the owner and an entrepreneur. This includes plans for the future, as well as setting goals. Make time for that.

2. Talk to stakeholders
You see the growth coming. You know there is really no stopping it, but this is not always known to others. Therefore keep your employees informed. What are we doing? Where do we want to go? In addition, reward them for their hard work and celebrate the milestones that you achieve together. Also talk with your suppliers. Can they handle your potential growth or is it necessary to look for different solutions? That way you could outsource tasks to other companies. Furthermore, it may be that collaborating partners might want to invest in you, make different payment arrangements or want to include you in their marketing communications.

3. Mapping processes
Do you not yet have many employees? Then there is a good chance that the tasks are wide. Everyone helps each other and individual tasks are divided. When you want to grow, it is useful to map everything. From setting up a system to taking out the garbage. In addition, make sure you know who is responsible for what. Do not only look at the current duties of the employees, but also on what they want and especially what they are good at. Ultimately, it is important to use all the strengths within your company as efficiently and effectively as possible.

4. Stay yourself
Customers make growth possible. Are customers growing with you? Then keep treating them the same and deliver what they expect from you. Ask them what you are doing well and what could be improved. That way you can keep optimizing. Also apply this to your employees. By listening to your staff, you know what they are satisfied with and what could be improved. But you also know where you can attract new employees and which criteria they must meet. Find people who fit within the company to maintain the atmosphere. Proud employees ensure a positive image, towards other employees but also towards your customers.

5. Find a sparring partner
As an entrepreneur you can, just like your staff, get stuck in our own patterns or get stuck with certain issues. Approach a sparring partner. For example, another entrepreneur who understands the situation you are in and can provide you with new or different insights. But also a professional who specializes in growth can provide you with that extra boost you need. This allows you to develop as an entrepreneur, which only benefits your company.

These were our 5 tips for a scalable enterprise. Do you want to know more about making your company scalable? Read about it in our other blogs.